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Sentinel Keylogger 100+ Features

VT Scan:

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---- BASIC ----

* Fake Error Message - Stub will display a fake error message when executed. Timeout refers to the time how long the fake error message will be displayed until it close itself, set it to 0 if it never should automatically close it self
* Add to Startup - Adds the keylogger to startup; so it auto executes when Windows is started up again
* Hide Startup - Hide startup entry
* Hide Folder - Hides the keyloggers folder where the logs are saved in
* Melt File - The stub will delete itself after keylogger got successfully installed
* Get System Information - Retrieve system information such as IP Address, Installed AV, Hardware/Software info, IpConfig etc
* Clear Browser Data - clears all data stored for the browser - works with all browsers - clears cookies, cache, session data, history, etc
* Delay Execution - Delays execution by specified timeout in seconds
* Stealers - Recovers Passwords and sends it along with keylogs; 20+ Module recovery
* Steam Recovery - Recovers all required files (vdf/config/SSFN) required to bypass SteamGuard
* Steam Reset - Resets Steam saved passwords - requiring the user to type it again to login
* Mutex - Instance controller; only allows one process of the keylogger running on a PC
* UAC Bypass - UAC Bypass exploit that allows you to get admin rights without the need of confirming via UAC. Only works on Win7 or lower versions
* AntiVirus Killer - Advanced mechanism of killing AntiVirus programs, over 180+ total killers.
* Bot Killer - Cleans startup of the victim
* Install to - Custom directory to select from to install the keylogger stub to. You can change the name of the folder, but you can also enter a custom path, like "customPath\to\customFolder"


List of all programs which will be recovered:

Internet Explorer
Windows Hashes
LSA secrets
And some more

If you receive an empty password.txt, you can try to use the secondary recovery tool, this will recover less, but will probably work better and might even make your file less detected
(check Password recovery and secondary in that case)

Optional you can choose to add:

* steam recovery - this will attach all needed files to recover a steam account and even bypass steam guard. For the people who don't know "steam" please just google.
* steam reset - this will close steam if it is open and delete the last login information, so the user have to login again with username and password

---- ADVANCED ----

* Screenshot Logger - Takes timely screenshots of the victim's PC. Timeout can be changed on first tabpage. They arrive in a separate email along with snapshots.
* Webcam Logger - Takes timely snapshots from the webcam of the victim's PC. Webcam lights will flicker for the time of taking the picture for 1~ second (belongs to the webcam). So use with care! Snapshots arrives in a mail along with screenshots. Timeout is the same as screenshot delivery timeinterval.
* Clipboard Stealer - Records all data copied on the clipboard. It will be colored blue in the logs with [COPIED: text]
* IP Logger - Records the current IP address at the beginning of every logfile.
* Hide Task in Task Manager - Hides your process in the task manager, works only with Win7 or below
* Unkillable Process - Advanced function that allows the process to be immortal. Cannot be killed even with admin rights. DO NOT ENABLE THIS IF YOU ARE TESTING YOUR STUB. Even System Cure cannot remove it.
* USB Spreader - Uses the shortcuts/.lnk method to infect any USB drive plugged in. Av might detect if an USB got infected.
* Automatic Update:
Custom File Path must be specified. The file path must have two files: version.txt having a version number and update.exe being the stub. Case sensitive names!
The stub has a specific version number, that is set by default to "1". In the version.txt, update it to "2" for the first update, then "3' for the second update and so on.
Make sure the file path is accessible.
The keylogger will check the version.txt on your server every 10 min, if it has changed. If so, it will download and execute the update.exe.

NOTE: For HTTP webservers with public access (for webclient downloading)
* Anti Debugging - Prevents execution of the stub on VMs, recommened if you dont want to get traced back disable if you want to test on VM.
* Process Name - Custom process name of the keylogger process that will appear on Task Manager (if not hidden)
* Downloader - Downloads and silently/visibly executes the files on the list. Only works with direct links! Directlink means, the link ends with your file extension. Like


* Keyboard Hook is recommened, this methode will get every key in the right order for sure, no matter how fast you type.

* IsPressed is not recommended if you want to monitor people who type faster than 40 Words Per Minute.
Use IsPressed in case you are facing an error using keyhook, but IsPressed might misses some keys if the user types very fast, so keyhook is recommended

The detection rate of the stub can change if you change the method of keylogging.

---- LOGS -----

The logfile you will get is a colored and well structured html file, you can choose if parts of it should get highlighted, with a bigger font
and a special color. The keylogger will search for the keywords in the window title, if found the part will get highlighted.
Selection of Colors - DarkOrange, DarkSlateGrey, Blue, Red
You can add your own Keywords to the lists and edit them. (currently not working)

---- DISABLER ----

* All functions on this page require admin rights
* Process Killer works on an advanced freeze & kill mechanism
* Disable UAC is recommended if you are dealing with functions with the "shield" icon - those that require admin - so that the UAC doesn't interfere in the future
* Rest of the disablers are optional
* This tab page contains features that may cause runtime detections, so use with care.

---- WEBSITE ----

* Website Visitor - Visits all websites in the list in hidden/visible mode
* Website Blocker - Edits the Windows HOSTS File & blocks all the websites listed. Requires admin and may trigger AV detections. Add the site twice like "" and "" to get sure, that it will be completely blocked!

---- TOOLS ----

* Assembly Changer - Changes the assembly of the stub compiled to a custom & specified one.
* File Binder - Binds a file along with the .exe - that will be silently/visibly executed on opening the stub if specified. Works with all kinds of files like images and executables.
* Extension Spoofer - Spoofs the extension to any custom specified one and also converts the stub.exe to a screensaver file (.scr) .
* File Pumper - Pumps the file with required KBs of data
* Icon Changer - Choose an icon for the stub.
* System Cure - Requires admin rights and will cure your PC from Autolog and all settings done by Autolog will get reversed, be sure to always cure your system, before testing another stub.

---- Crypter that you can use with AutoLOG ----

The AutoLOG stub does not use EOF, you can try to use any crypter you want to, as long as it has native support, but sometimes some crypters destroys the stub, so always test the stub after you crypt it. We are not reliable if you got problems with a crypter and also dont ask the Autolog support when you get problems on crypters, ask their support instead.

Leave a like if it helped u at all!

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